T-bone Steak-Served with rice & beans

Steak “Mi Pueblito” w/ potato, bacon, onion & cheese. Served…

  • bacon
  • /
  • cheese
  • /
  • jalapeno
  • /
  • onion
  • /
  • potato
  • /

Steak with shrimp in garlic sauce- served with rice &…

Steak Mexican Style- With onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, rice and beans-Con…

Steak w/ eggs- served w/ rice & beans

Steak w/ onions-Served w/ rice & beans

Steak w/ mushrooms-Served w/ rice & beans

Steak w/ cactus- Served w/ rice & beans

Grilled Steak-Served w/ rice & beans

Steak tampiquena style- Served with mushrooms, peppers, onion, chipotle sauce,…

Grilled beef ribs-Served w/ rice & beans

Grilled skirt steak-Served w/ rice & beans

Special beef cutlet platter-Served with eggs, onion, jalapenos, spicy cheese,…

Beef cutlet Ranchero Style- Served with refried beans, nacho hips,…

Breaded beef cutlet-Served w/ rice & beans

Mixed Molcajete-Served w/ grilled chicken cutlet, pork enchilada meat, jalapenos,…